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Frank M. Pari

Water Color signed R. Grosvenor

Size: 5 1/2" x & 1/2"
Price: $275.00
Rarity: originl painting
Age: 1960

Village Antiques


This is an original water color signed by the artist Richard Grosvenor. Richard Grosvenor currently displays his work at the Spring Bull Gallary in Newport, R.I. This piece was painted in New Hampshire while he was on vacation in 1960. A close look at the signature reveals the word wrestling that has been crossed out and appears up side down. At this time he was contemplating taking on a job as wrestling coach at St. George's school in Portsmouth, R.I.  I guess some people were thinking green even back then. He, evidently, didn' want to waste the paper. He retired as chairman of the art department at St. George's and opened the Spring Bull Gallary 20 years ago.