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Frank M. Pari

Mintons Covered Urn

Size: 11 1/2"
Color: pink, gold and white
Price: $35.00
Age: Circa 1870s

Village Antiques


Here is a Victorian covered urn from the mid to late 1800s. It is bottom stamped with the Mintons mark used from the early 1870s. It is also marked " Munufactured for A.B. Daniell and Sons, Wicmore Street, London. There is a stress crack at the bottom of the piece, possibly caused by heat and that is reflected in the low price. We are not sure of who A.B. Daniell & sons were. Maybe London store keepers, maybe undertakers. It is not a very large urn but, then again, people were much smaller back then. It's anyones guess. It would certainly be large enough to hold the ashes of a small dog or cat. Our two cats aren't looking that well but since there are two if them, I'll just dig a hole at the back of the property before the frost sets in. Just in case.