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SNEADA has a membership of dealers who are pledged to a professional code of practice. Check our listings to find member dealers who specialize in your area of interest; they are located in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and are easily reached.

We also promote some of the most popular and longest running shows in Southeastern New England. Check our SHOW page for dates, and meet our dealers in person! Proceeds from the shows are used to provide endowments to museums and other institutions that promote the preservation of antiquities, and are committed to education in our antique heritage.


SNEADA was founded in 1961 in Seekonk, Mass., by 12 dealers who came together to lobby for a change in "Blue Laws" that prohibited retail sales on 

Sundays. SNEADA, a non-profit organization, works to promote an interest in antiques with the general public, as well as to create good fellowship among area antique dealers. In addition, through Association sponsored antique shows, SNEADA is able to provide educational scholarships to colleges and contribute to historical and charitable causes.

We invite you to contact the members listed on this Website, visit their shops and attend the SNEADA antique shows. If you have any questions, please email us at or write to us at SNEADA, P.O. Box 950, N. Scituate, RI 02857.


  1. All goods to be sold to the public by the dealer/member shall have the full price indicated clearly on a label or ticket attached, or immediately adjacent, to the article in question.
  2. The dealer/member shall give the customer as much reasonable information as possible about the goods, and this shall normally include such details as:
    • circa date or manufacture(or actual year if hallmarked/date marked)
    • the material(e.g. walnut, bronze, etc.)
    • the maker's or artist's name, if known/relevant
    • any major restoration or later additions
    • if reproduction
  3. The dealer/member shall not attempt to confuse or mislead the customer or falsely describe any of the goods he offers for sale or seeks to purchase. 
  4. Description details as indicated on the label and/or as described verbally shall be written on a proper invoice which shall state the name,address,telephone number of the dealer/memberr and date of issue. 
  5. The dealer/member accepts responsibility for descriptions of items given to customers by employees. Employees must be appraised of all requirements in the SNEADA code. 
  6. Any dealer/member who accepts deposit payments for goods shall clearly record, in writing, the terms of the transaction and by what date the full amount is to be paid. A copy of this record is to be supplied to the customer at the time of deposit. Consignment and restoration transactions shall be recorded in the same manner. 
  7. The dealer/member shall not make unsolicited visits to private domestic premises. 
  8. The dealer/member shall apply standards of fair dealing equally to members of the public, fellow members and non-member dealers. 
  9. The dealer/member has no authority to act on behalf of, or speak for, the organization, except as expressly authorized by the Board. 
  10. Valuations carried out professionally(i.e., for a fee) shall be provided in writing, signed and dated, and worded to indicate clearly whether they are for replacement cost or resale value. 
  11. The dealer/member is required to cooperate to the best of his/her ability with consumer protection agencies and law enforcement agencies. 
  12. The dealer/member will support and foster education in the area of antiques.